Cancellation Policy

By making a Trip Reservation with Bukitt, you accept and agree to the relevant change, cancellation and no-show policy of the Trip supplier, and to any additional terms and conditions.

The general cancellation and no-show policy of each Trip supplier is made available during the reservation procedure and in the confirmation email or ticket (if applicable).

You can make a request for change or cancel your booking by email to:

Note that certain rates, fees, or special offers are not eligible for cancellation, refund, or change. Applicable city/tourist tax may still be charged by the Trip Provider in the event of a no-show or charged cancellation.

General conditions

Changes: You can change your guest’s name, bed type, smoking preference, special requests, accessibility options, room type, and number of guests by Bukitt. Trip suppliers may impose other changes and/or cancellation fees. Charges vary by reservation.

You agree to pay any supplier required cancellation or change fees that you incur. In limited cases, some properties do not permit changes to or cancellations of reservations after they are made. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions imposed with respect to your prepaid property reservations.

No-Show: If you do not show for the first night of your reservation but plan to check-in for subsequent nights in the reservation, you must confirm the reservation with Bukitt no later than the original date of check-in to prevent cancellation of the whole booking. If you do not confirm the booking changes with Bukitt the whole booking may be canceled and refunds will only be due to you in line with the Rules and Restrictions of each particular trip supplier

Refunds: In some cases, Bukitt could be unable to refund the initial reservation fee when a tour operator charges the above-mentioned fee and Bukitt is unable to find a new guest for a specific spot.

Bukitt will do the best efforts for our guest to refund the total amount received. Note that certain rates, fees, or special offers are not eligible for cancellation, refund, or change. In the event that a supplier or specific location is unable to honor your booking, Bukitt will not be liable for any cost incurred due to relocation.

For more information or guidance, please email: