In the heart of California granite monoliths tower over the horizon, ancient giant sequoias continue to flourish, and mighty waterfalls feed rivers and lakes in the valley. Yosemite's natural beauty and dramatic scenery make the park an outdoor paradise.


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    El Capitan

    One of the park's most notable sites towers 3,600 feet above the valley floor. El Capitan not only attracts visitors' eyes but has become a rock-climbing challenge for many. Bring a pair of binoculars to follow climbers' paths up El Capitan's granite wall.

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    Merced River

    Meander downstream and give your legs a rest. Enjoy Yosemite as you gently float down the Merced River on an inflatable raft. Make sure to stop at one of the sandy beaches along the way to take a dip and cool off.

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    The Ahwahnee

    Visit The Ahwahnee for Yosemite's finest dining experience. With 34-foot-high ceilings, wood beams, stone walls, and chandeliers you can't help but admire the hotel's Cathedral presence.

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    Hiking Trails

    With over 750 miles of trails, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is designed for exploration. Yosemite has a variety of hikes for all skill levels. Ranging from heavily wooded hikes, rock scrambling, light paved walks, waterfall discovery, to rock climbing.

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    Bike Trails

    Not big into hiking? We can organize bike rentals and explore Yosemite's valley via its 12 miles of paved paths.

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    Ultimate Nature Walk

    Sequoias are some of the oldest and largest organisms on the planet. Tuolumne Grove is home to several mature sequoias including one you can walk-through.

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