Co-founder Mariana Riquezes standing in a river at the Narrows.


Top 9 tips for exploring the Narrows (and the best place to gear up)

Mariana Riquezes

Mariana Riquezes

Aug 18, 20213 min read

The Narrows is one of our favorite hikes at Zion National Park. Here are some of our tips to help you get the most out of this Bukitt-list adventure.

The Narrows is one of our favorite hikes at Zion National Park. Here are some of our tips to help you get the most out of this Bukitt-list adventure.

🥾 Early bird gets the worm - Odds are you're not the only one eager to take on this extraordinary hike. The Narrows is notorious for crowds. Do yourself the favor by waking up early and catching the first shuttle to the hike’s trailhead (Stop: Temple of Sinawava). The Narrows is even more magical when you have it practically all to yourself. ✨

🥾 Gear up - Head to Zion Outfitter the day before you go to rent all the equipment you need to hike the Narrows safely. The Narrows is wet and has uneven terrain, so having the appropriate gear is key🔑 We recommend renting canyoneering boots, neoprene socks, a walking stick, and a waterproof bag.

🥾 Don’t forget your layers - Temperatures can fluctuate due to the time of day and depending if the sun’s rays aren’t obstructed by the canyon walls. Bring layers in case you get cold and leave some space in your bag to put them in if you get hot. ☀️

🥾 Food is fuel - The Narrows get better and better the deeper you hike - less people and tighter canyon walls. Hikers without a permit can go up to Big Spring (5 miles) for a 10-mile round trip challenging hike. If you are planning on hiking at least 2 miles into the Narrows make sure to pack an energizing lunch, some snacks, and plenty of water. 

🥾 Hike safe, hike smart - Desert weather can be unpredictable. Make sure to check current conditions on the Zion National Park website and flash flood information to stay informed.

🥾 Slow & steady wins the race - The Narrows’ terrain consists of flowing water and slippery rocks, which can be hazardous. Take your time and enjoy your surroundings, no need to rush.

🥾 Sun is shining, weather is sweet - The best time to enjoy this quintessential slot canyon hike is in the summer and early fall. This time of year brings warm temperatures and longer days. Add Zion National Park to your summer Bukitt list today!

🥾 Bring a change of clothes - You are going to get wet, there is no avoiding that, but that is part of the fun. What isn’t fun is sitting in wet shoes and clothing on your shuttle ride back. Pack a change of clothes and shoes to change into after your hike. Use the bathrooms at the trailhead and bring a plastic shopping bag to carry your wet clothes. 

🥾 Leave no trace - We want Zion National Park and other natural places to remain beautiful. Do your part and leave natural places the way you found them. Dispose of all waste properly, take photos not things, and follow all the Leave No Trace principles.

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